Is your child reading at home?

Is your child reading at home ? The benefits of reading regularly at home are well documented. Did you know that a student who reads for just 5 minutes a day at home will likely score better than 50% of their peers in standardised tests, and a student who reads for 20 minutes a day will outperform 90% of their peers?

Reading helps your child to make connections between the written and spoken word and develops their vocabulary. An increase in vocabulary improves a child’s spelling ability- spelling and vocabulary are critically important to a child’s life long achievement.

Through reading, children are exposed to a world outside their own reality. It opens their minds, expands their knowledge and yes, it really does make them smarter! Encourage your child to read at home, borrow some books for the holidays, visit our library or the local library. Challenge your children to get into reading over the holidays – books solve the dilemma of what to do on a rainy day, alleviate boredom and are a cheap form of entertainment.

Encourage your child to swap the screen for a book today !

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