Hallett Cove South Primary School is situated in a historic coastal location south of the Adelaide CBD. Situated near the World Heritage listed Hallett Cove Conservation Park, the school opened in April, 1976 with an enrolment of 100 students. The early days of the school saw rapid growth as the school reached a peak enrolment of 700 students.

The school was an integral part of the original Hallett Cove urban development.

The limited facilities and a population of young families developed a pioneering spirit and a strong sense of community which still exists today.

The development of the Lonsdale Highway in the mid-1980s and recent completion of the Southern Expressway has increased access and facilities and the area has boomed.

As the population increased, other schools in the Hallett Cove and surrounding areas were established. Currently the average enrolment is around 140-160 students, including pre-school students. The school caters for junior primary and primary students, preschool children (4 year olds) and two regional special classes catering for students with disabilities.