Hallett Cove South

Primary School

Hallett Cove South Primary School

Welcome to Hallett Cove South Primary School

A school that values and recognises the whole school community and the diversity of our students and each of their individual needs.

We strive to enable each student to achieve their personal best and to ensure that they are challenged and engaged in all parts of the learning process.

All staff are committed to the development of a safe, secure environment for students in which they can:


Demonstrate high standards of learning, responsibility and behaviour

Show independence and creativity

Show respect and understanding for all individuals

Be accepting that mistakes are part of the learning process

Adapt and respond to change

Grow in confidence and strive for personal excellence

Our educational program at Hallett Cove South PS aims to challenge and excite students with an emphasis on individual skill development and to encourage life-long learning.

I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you about this great community of learning. Please make a time to come in and meet with us, have a tour of the school, and to investigate an enriching environment for your child’s preschool to Year 7 schooling.

Kind Regards,

Chris Tippett

Last updated: May 28, 2019 at 16:00 pm

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