Policies & Procedures

Anti-bullying Policy

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Mobile Phone Policy

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Cyber Safety Policy

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Nut Policy

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Grievance Procedure

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Sun Smart Policy

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Uniform Code

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Student Safety

As a school; safety, health and well-being is of prime importance for all members of the school community. Staff are trained accordingly in First Aid and other aspects of student care and workplace safety.

Medical Care and Emergency Contacts
If your child has a minor accident e.g. minor abrasion they will be treated at school and a note provided to parents on the incident and treatment provided. If, however, the accident or illness is more serious, you will be telephoned immediately and, if necessary an ambulance called. It is important in such times that we are able to contact you or a relative / close friend to support your children when they are sick or injured. Ensuring we have up to date contact information is essential.
Sick Room
We have a separate, comfortable Sick Room where we are able to monitor students with health concerns. Our priority when students have a minor illness or injury is to return them to learning programs if recovering as soon as possible. If health problems persist we will contact a parent or nominated caregiver.
For students who need to take daily medication during school hours, the medication is kept and distributed to them from the Sick Room. Health Care/Medical Plans provided by a Doctor or Specialist are required to be completed for all medication to be given at school. A record is maintained of medication administered by staff. Short courses of medication which may need to be administered at school also requires medical information from a doctor or pharmacist and where possible, medication should be administered at home. Parents are welcome to come to the school and administer medication to their child at break times. Medication must not be left in school bags.
A Health Care Plan for all students with asthma is required. For those students who are responsible for the management of their own asthma, puffers may be kept with them. Other students requiring supervision with puffers will be monitored by front office staff at required times.
Nut Awareness
As we may have students with severe allergies to nuts (anaphylaxis) extreme care needs to be taken when sending any nut products to school. Where possible sending products such as nutella, peanut paste and snack bars containing nuts to school should be avoided. Please advise teachers if such products are sent to school so that safe practices such as eating in separate areas and hand washing can be enforced.
Teachers Duty Of Care
Every teacher has a ‘duty of care’ towards every student under his or her supervision. A teacher is required to take reasonable care to protect students from foreseeable risk of injury. This includes close supervision and well planned activities in the classroom, yard, on excursions etc
Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters & Rollerblades
Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, blades or any other wheeled vehicle may not be ridden or driven around the school buildings or grounds. Bicycles must be parked in the appropriate bike racks and students must stay out of these areas during the school day.
Hats/Sun safe
Students are required to wear a broad brimmed or legionnaire style hat for outdoor lessons or play periods during 1 October – 30 April. Students not wearing an appropriate sun safe hat will be required to play upstairs in the shade for their protection. The application of sun screen prior to coming to school during the warmer months is encouraged.
The car park on the West Side of the school (Shamrock Rd) is for staff only. The car park in the front of the administration block is for official visitors. Parking restrictions on roads around the school are clearly marked to avoid congestion and prevent accidents. Your assistance in making sure these signs are adhered to is appreciated. Please refrain from parking in the taxi rank on Gretel Crescent during the designated hours.
Please note that all building and grounds of Hallett Cove South Primary school are NO SMOKING zones.