GEneral Information

Hallett Cove South OSHC is a 20-place service located in the Orange Unit building at Hallett Cove South Primary School. The service operates from Monday to Friday during term time only and is available to students from the pre-school as well as the primary school.  Due to mandated staffing ratios, bookings are essential.

The current child to staff ratio is:

  • One Qualified educator: 15 school age children.
  • One Qualified educator to 10 pre-school age children.

The service offers a discounted early bird rate for permanent bookings. Fees are reviewed every 12 months.


SERVICE Philosophy

The statement of philosophy was developed in consultation with the children at the OSHC. It is a set of guidelines that both children and educators adhere to in order for the service to be a fun, safe place for everyone.

We care for each other, ourselves and work together as a team.

We respect all children and educators at the OSHC.

Children and educators have a right to play and work in a safe and secure environment. Educators will demonstrate positive role modelling by always using an appropriate tone of voice when speaking to children. Also using appropriate language to suit the age and stage of the children accessing the service.

We look after the inside and outside of environment of the OSHC.

Educators will positively role model appropriate use and care of resources and equipment, ensuring that the resources are age appropriate and complete. Educators will facilitate ongoing discussions with children about resources and experiences that the children would like to have in the future.

 We will remain safe by communicating with educators and each other.

Children will communicate with an educator when they leave to play outside and go to the bathroom. Educators will observe children behaviour, providing a safe space and someone to talk to if they are feeling overwhelmed.

We are all a team.

When children and educators work together as a team we can create a great space for everyone to enjoy.


Child Care Benefit 

Child Care Benefit is paid by the Commonwealth to Child Care Services so they can reduce the fees families pay for Child Care. The amount of Child Care Benefit available to families depends on the family income. You may be eligible for Child Care Benefit even if you have never received assistance from the Commonwealth before. Our program is a registered provider to enable you to take advantage of this assistance. Please enquire about eligibility.


Session times and fees for 2020

Before school sessions:

7:00am – 8:30am  

Early Bird rate $19 Standard $22

After school sessions:


Early bird rate $27 Standard rate $29

Early dismissal days:

2:10pm – 6:10pm

Early bird rate $37      Standard rate $39

Pupil free day/school closure day:

7:00am- 6:10pm

Early bird rate $57 Standard $60

Please note that Pupil Free days/schools closure days will only run if 10 bookings or more are made.

All parents/carers must complete an enrolment form before a child can access the service. enrolment packs are available from the school office, the pre-school and the OSHC.

OSHC fees are subject to discount through the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) system. Please see the service Director who will assist you in this.

For more information contact

Gemma Chidlow (Director)