Principal’s Roundup

Welcome to the end week 8! We are in the prime cold and flu season and encourage you to continue to keep children home if they have symptoms and RAT test them if possible, just to be sure.

Comprehension is the ultimate goal of learning to read!

 At HCSPS teaching all students to read is a whole school focus. To be a good reader, students need a toolkit of strategies they use to help comprehend what they read.

Good readers make connections to self (what does this remind me of in my life?), to other known texts (what does this remind me of in another text?) and to the world (what does this remind me of in the real world?)

Good readers create a mental image as they read. This is called visualising. To help create a picture in your mind, we ask: What can we see, hear, feel, smell and taste?

Good readers determine the important bits as they read. For example the important parts of a text are the headings, sub headings, main events and the author’s message.

Good readers make inferences and predictions. To make an inference good readers combine clues in their head with clues from the text. It is sometimes referred to as reading between the lines.

Good readers ask questions before they read, during reading and after they read.

Good readers use their own words to summarise the key ideas.

2023 Enrolments

It’s time to enrol for 2023 if your child will be starting preschool, reception or high school. Please pop in to the Front Office to collect an enrolment pack for preschool or reception. High school packages were emailed out and the process was completed online.

We invite you to take a personal tour with one of our leadership team, Vicki or Donna. Please call on 8381 4080 to book a tour.

School Photo Catch Up Day

For those students who missed out on having their photo taken, there is a catch up session this Monday.

Don’t miss out on Skoolbag Notifications

To ensure you don’t miss out on school communication, please ensure you turn Skoolbag notifications on and make sure you are part of your child’s year group in addition to class and this will ensure you are kept up to date will all the information.

Follow this link for instructions.

How to ensure you receive notifications from the SkoolBag App | SkoolBag’s Coral Communities Help Center

Enjoy the weekend!


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