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Preschool Enrolments for 2023

If you haven’t enrolled your child for preschool for 2023, now is the time to pop into the front office and grab your enrolment pack.

School Enrolments for 2023

If you haven’t enrolled your preschool child for 2023, now is the time to pop into the front office and grab your enrolment pack.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

Interviews were postponed last term due to COVID. We have rescheduled the interviews to mid Term 3. If you feel you need to talk

to your child’s teacher beforehand please contact them via the usual class method, such as phone, Seesaw, email.

Reading at Hallett Cove South

At Hallett Cove South PS we aim to create a whole school culture of a love for reading and to develop independent readers who have a good understanding of texts – both fiction and non-fiction.

It all adds up!

If you read 10 minutes a day for one year you will read 600 000+ words and this makes a huge difference!

Encouraging your child to read for 10 minutes a day and/or reading to them will support them to become an independent reader.

Choosing the right book to read to your child……

Choose any book that appeals to your child, for example, stories or information books on hobbies and interests such as animals, footballs, Ancient Egypt.  Vary what you read together – it doesn’t always have to be a book it can be a magazine, comic, recipe, or instructions on how to pay a game. It all counts! The important thing is it is fun for both you and your child.

Your child may keep choosing the same book because it is their favourite – this is ok, it is all part of the process of learning to read. Gentle encouragement to try a different author or type of book is better than forcing a book onto your child.

COVID Update

  • Face mask requirements are changing in education settings
    From the start of week 5, face masks in schools, preschools and children’s centres will be:
    ­Strongly recommended (but not required) for all adults (including visitors) while indoors, except when teaching or interacting with children
  • Strongly recommended (but not required) for students in years 3 to 12 while indoors.
  • Students and staff will be encouraged and supported to continue wearing a face mask if they choose to.
  • Anyone who is a close contact and is aged 12 years and older will need to wear a mask when they leave the house for 7 days following exposure as per the SA Health close contact guidelines.
  • Face masks will be required to be worn in education settings when COVID-19 transmission reaches certain outbreak thresholds, based on SA Health advice. In these instances, face masks will be required to be worn indoors by students in years 7-12 only, and all staff and visitors in the school, preschool or and children’s centre for a 14-day period.

Keeping up with the ever changing directions as set out by SA Health and the Department for Education has been challenging and we thank our school community whole heartedly for their support in following the advice and are greatly appreciative that you have kept us informed of COVID cases in families.

Kind regards

Donna O’Leary

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