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Materials & Services Fees

Section 106A of the Education Act 1972 enables schools in consultation with their Governing Council to set, collect and recover a Materials and Services charge.

A Materials and Services charge is intended to cover the costs of those essential items and services used or consumed by students during the course of their study. The charge is not to include costs such as teacher’s salaries, teacher’s materials and the provision of school buildings and fittings.

Schools will set the Materials and Services charge each year, with the level of the charge to reflect the actual cost of the items and services provided.

Invoices for Materials & Services Charges are sent home to parents at the beginning of the new school year or each term for students enrolling during the year.

Installment payments can be negotiated with the Finance Officer.

The amount set by Governing Council in 2018 is $330.00 of which $235.00 is the legally recoverable amount set by State Government. A separate Incursion/ Excursion Levy fee of $35.00 is also charged and this must be paid before students are able to participate in these activities.


Pre-School Fees

Preschool- $75.00 per term (15 hours/ wk), $300 annually

Last updated: March 19, 2018 at 17:44 pm

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